Can You Lala

Can You Lala
  1. Rise of the Dominions
  2. Octoberfilth
  3. Change? Keep It!
  4. Wasted on a Tuesday Afternoon (Beer Me!)
  5. Psychopathic Lover
  6. Can You Lala (Like I Lala)
  8. The Winter Animals (Should Be Out)
  9. Leather and Lace: Spiked Condom
  10. That Chick's a Bitch
  11. Hey Slut
  12. Late Night Roofie Fuck
  13. Go Fuck Yourself

I Can Sing

I Can Sing
  1. Don't Interrupt the Summon
  2. Skull with Wings
  3. Bitch in Black
  4. I can Sing (La La La)
  5. Death Punch
  6. Hell part 1
  7. Build It Up
  8. Sex, Drugs, and Durcig
  9. Kayla
  10. Demon Seeds
  11. It's Green Motherfucker! (Go Go)
  12. Face the Darkness
  13. Hell part 2

Mt. Everbreast

Mt. Everbreast
  1. Face the Sun
  2. I Know
  3. Oh... You're Awake
  4. A Tall Glass of Shut-the-Fuck-Up
  5. Quaff (ft. Corana Hate)
  6. We Love Hate
  7. Come Again? (Ear Vagina)
  8. Mt. Everbreast
  9. Cute and Cuddly Crocodiles (Where the Fuck is My Steak)
  10. Who?
  11. Did it Hurt?
  12. I Fucked that Bitch Last Night
  13. Doughnut Fuck (A Love Ballad)

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